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KBL Sound is a result of decades of experience gained while being involved professionally in music production in studio recording, or during a real gig live or just experimenting with audio equipment at home. Lying behind this was always a passion for a deeper knowledge and understanding about how to reproduce the original sound as close as possible.

Through many years of individual research, experimentation and constant improvements for the best music playback we have managed to complete our offer, always with a single goal in mind; whatever the price tag – to provide the best it can be. We hope that our customer’s feedback, audio magazines reviews and the various awards received speak for themselves.

For us the most important for creating the feeling of experiencing the live event are: openness and ability to play back down to the bottom whatever had been preserved on the tape. All those low level information which doesn’t create image itself, but contributes hugely to its complexity. Only with all that present the feeling of the real being there and neutrality can be achieved and the music becomes engaging spiritual experience. Often people are looking for different things in the sound not all of them are right or needed. Like obsessive hunting for the huge bass, increased resolution in trebles or unnatural precision. All that kills the realism of music if it is overdone. It is important to have it there in the mix but up to the certain degree. Other way the feeling of rightness is lost and we getting instead the bunch of exaggerated parts of the performance, but not the sense that we are listening to the music, as it all comes as a mechanical manipulation which might be attractive to some ones and even sometimes a fuhimalaya-boxn to hear, but it doesn’t make us feeling we are a part of the real performance. It can also be lost during recording process more or less, dependant on the quality of sound engineers, but it shouldn’t prevent us from trying to find it back.

KBL Sound addresses offer to these sensitive listeners who seek uncompromising, realistic presentation of recordings and want to enjoy its effects for many years to come. The confirmation of our achievements is a phrase from a recent review of our cables: "With them music becomes a complete event." That is what we are constantly striving and what all music lovers want.





The greater part of our products is hi-end audio cables. To complete this offer we have created a cost-no-object power strip and equally excellent vibration-damping absorbers indispensable in every hi-end system.



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April 2016

New exclusive KBL Sound distributor for Hong Kong and China:


Cable Art
17/F Grand Castle Commercial Building 
2T Sai Yeung Choi St. South 
Mongkok Kowloon 
Hong Kong


March 2016

rekomendacja audio video

Audio Video

Recommended Award for Fluid Power Cord




 Hifi Pig magazine

 Recommended Award for Red Eye Ultimate IC'sRead-more


February 2016


 Editor's Choice Award for Himalaya Signature Series from Hi-Fi Choice magazine



January 2016



 2016 Year Award

Hi-Fi & Music for Interconnects and Speaker Cables Red Eye Ultimate


December 2015

High Fidelity Best Product2015Best Product of the Year 2015 Award 

High Fidelity magazine for Himalaya Interconnects and Speaker Cables 


New item!  Introducing Cable StandRead-more


November 2015

We are pleased to announce the presence of our new products at this year's AUDIO VIDEO SHOW in Warsaw, Poland, November 6-8. Rooms Opera 5 and 224. All cables in two systems were Signature Series Himalaya.



New item!

Long time awaited a new version of our Reference Power Distributor, very well known and awarded by High Fidelity magazine (Red Fingerprint and Best Product of the Year 2014). Now it is avaiable with 5 or 6 best Furutech AC schuko inlets. Both new versions come with specially designed antivabration wood base, made out of selected one piece wood with extremely dense fiber and best possible anti-resonant specifications.


August 2015

Official Premiere of new flagship Signature Series Himalaya.

Short report from the first public presentation in Soundclub, Warsaw.


New KBL Sound products:

  • Zodiac series: interconnects, digital and phono cables, AC power cord, speaker cable
  • Fluid series: interconnects, speaker cables and AC power cord
  • Red Eye Ultimate series: interconnects, digital and phono cable, speaker cables, AC power cord
  • Quattro speaker cables



Recent reviews


May 2016: Zodiac Series


"Zodiac line offers certain qualities, certain sonic character. What they have to offer is highly sought by experienced audiophiles"   High Fidelity



April 2016

Himalaya Series

hfknights"In my opinion KBL Himalaya are remarkable products! I believe that these could go toe-to-toe with best cables made by renown competitors and probably win at least some of such contests proving that one doesn’t have to spend a (big) fortune on cables for ultimate performance, but that a much smaller one could be enough."  Hifi Knights


hfc editors choice Editor's Choice Award



March 2016: Red Eye Ultimate Interconnects

hifi Pig

 "These are excellent cables and should certainly be auditioned if you are spending this sort of cash (£1750)."   Hifi Pig



Recommended Award




AV"I can honestly tell you, that it is a remarkable product […] Since that's the least expensive model in KBL Sound's line up, imagine how the others sound like?! Anyway, you can just go ahead and buy Fluid, I can't image it being a wrong move..."   Audio Video

rekomendacja audio video


Recommended Award


January 2016: Himalaya Power Cable

High-Fidelity-logo" It's a really well balanced cable offering great performance you can rely on."   High Fidelity



October 2015: Zodiac interconnects

stereolife-logo-pionowe"This is very genuine interconnect for well seasoned aficionados."   StereoLife






 Editor's Choice Award 



hifi choice 5"Exceptionally musical and sophisticated. Superb stereophony with impressive depth and size of individual virtual sources. Tonally balanced."



Best Buy Award for Zodiac Interconnects from Hi-Fi Choice magazine




November 2015: Signature Series Himalaya (IC + speaker cables)


"Performance of Polish cables is excellent, refined. It reminded me of the most expensive models of  Siltech—from both Double and Triple Crown lines. With them music becomes a complete event. [...] These are excellent cables. The simple fact that I had to use a few times more expensive cables as my reference to describe how they work, speaks for itself.   Positive Feedback Issue 81



 Red Fingerprint AwardRED FINGERPRINT-red





September 2015: Signature Series Himalaya (IC + speaker cable)


 These are one of the best cables I've ever heard - only Siltech (interconnects and speaker cables) and Tara Labs (speaker cables only) are capable to bring a bit more to the table. Except those, all other, no matter how good they are, have simply no go."



July 2015: Series Red Eye Ultimate (IC, speaker and power cables)

HFM-logo"In comparison to world market prices, these speaker cables and interconnects are bargains in relation to performance. Well-known brands at this level of performance often seem to count for more while many of their offers do not reach the quality of The Ultimate."  Hi-Fi & Music



July 2015: Zodiac power cable

hifi choice 5"The Zodiac Model can be included among the group of power cables that have only a subtle influence on the quality of the sound system, while simultaneously enabling the system to reach its full potential."  Hi-Fi Choice


     Best Buy AwardHFCBestBuy



June 2015: FLUID power cable

 stereoikolorowo"KBL Sound Fluid is a power cord that has it all.  And the best is that its superior performance ratio comes with equally great market price. I would recommend to anyone to listen to it !"   stereo i kolorowo





"I conducted an intense, whole day test of these top of the line cables Himalaya. I have to admit that I am impressed. In my ultra-resolving system most of them provided great performance. An interesting fact – while comparing these cables with other high quality ones, the digital Himalaya stood particularly out. It delivered better (more all-round) performance than top Acrolink 7N-AD6100 or second from the top Siltech. It didn't fall behind Audio Note cables either despite the fact that Peter Q's black Pallas or PDA Luminist are damn good cables. Himalaya interconnects also didn't let my own cables (Tara Labs Zero Gold, PAD Luminist) to outperform them."   


"I have a pleasure to own Hologram interconnects and Spectre power cord from KBL Sound. I have to confess that when I asked for a loan it was more an intention to fulfil my curiosity than to make a purchase, why not if you having a chance of doing it ;) However things turned upside down – these cables are really fantastic. Hologram sounds in fact very similar to Harmonics 101gp, and that puts a bar really high given competitor’s well established reputation.""KBL’s Red Eye cables is a range of products, which are very difficult to make a decision to return once removed from your system. They work equally well in the company of tube as well as a solid state gear. Their main skill is that they are presenting entire frequency range in the most unforced way I heard and without any coloration."


"I have no idea what are manufacturing these cables from, but there is some magic there :) After connecting your Red Eye power cable between my Oyaide power bar (with Oyaide cable to the wall) bass became nice and crisp – what a spectacular difference ! Speaker cables didn’t make significant different on bass, but it is not needed in my system. What they did however, they somehow managed to filter this transistor harsh feeling, making music more... musical. All became more natural, without any loss or compromise ;) The changes are not subtle, they are evident. There is no need for further listening tests, it remains only to listen :)"


"The Red Eye is an outstanding cable and can be compared with the best rivals on the market, even those more expensive. Overall impression is that the sound has been cleaned from the distortion. The calm down and the culture, black background. Very high resolution of the cable translates into deep spatial presentation with great micro-details. The reverb aura is rich and tonally multitude. As a result after a week of listening I decided that the cable is here to stay with me and I bought it :) Red Eye replaced AudioQuest SKY in my system.


Out of curiosity I also took a loan of the Red Eye power cord and bar [Reference Power Distributor]. Overall impressions were very positive. Power cable represents exactly the same very high level of precision, culture sound with multitude of colours and beautifully rendered micro details. Even if my MIT Oracle AC3 with the Furutech plugs didn’t come from no where it’s clearly not in the same league as KBLs ;)."



Awards / Reviews


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