Our cables are assembled by hand and with attention to every detail, they are also made to order. Mass production has one undeniable drawback: it is impossible to create the best within it. Manual cable assembly has its own specific advantages, which mainly relate to the mechanical aspects of the structure, related to reducing resonances of various origins and stresses. In machine production, these aspects cannot be treated uncompromisingly.

The sonic properties of cables are the result of their construction and the materials used for their production. The starting point, without which it would be impossible to achieve the quality standard that our cables represent, is the use of conductors with the best possible conductance, insulators with the lowest possible absorption of the energy of the transmitted signal, materials ensuring mechanical stability of the cables and, finally, shielding systems that effectively protect against electronic smog.

The conductors we use in the production process are made using the most advanced modern metallurgical technologies. The basic standard in this area is the technology that allows to obtain the perfect, monocrystalline metal structure in conductors - OCC (Ohno Continous Cast) technology. Without any grain, it is the only one that allows for a smooth and detailed signal transmission in a very wide range of frequencies, without any obstacles to the electrons flowing through the wire. From the very beginning of the KBL Sound company in 2013, we focused on this type of technology and we were then one of the few who used monocrystalline silver. Currently, more and more renowned cable manufacturers use this type of conductor in their best designs.

Our cables are in each case terminated with uncompromising connectors, made of the best conductive metals, including a special gold and silver alloy. We pay a lot of attention to this aspect of cable construction and we carefully select plugs for individual models so that their sound properties remain consistent.



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