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The power cord Solaris opens a new TriKord Power® Series offering in its price range a quality, beyond the reach of even much more expensive power cables. Its design is based on a separated run for each of the three power conductors paths, which allows specific tuning and shielding, appropriate for each of them. Conductors is still rather uncommon in this class - monocrystalline copper. And the ends of the cable are the high-end plugs, in which the contact elements are made of pure telluric copper, gold plated. An important piece of the tuning of the model are anti-vibration rings Furutech CF-080 at both ends.

Solaris is powering any sort of the equipment with pure power, freeing the full, previously inaccessible dynamics while maintaining proper saturation of colors, without sacrifying of openness and detail.



  • Conductors: high purity mono crystal copper OCC, multistranded

  • Gauge 12 AWG

  • Teflon dielectric

  • Unique TriKord Power® technology

  • Individually tuned damping and screening system for each of the conductors runs: live, neutral and ground

  • Controlled spacing of conductor to conductor geometry

  • Termination: high quality AC schuko or US type and IEC plugs with gold over copper plating on all conductive parts, nylon body. Rhodium plating as option

  • Anti-vibration rings Furutech CF-080 on each end

  • C19 connector option for high current devices

  • Standard length available: 1.5m, 2m



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The changes caused by connecting this cable would not be described as subtle. [...] This cable significantly improved not one, two or even three aspects of the sound. It basically improved everything, in one play. Such a checkmate.    Audio Video


pdf logo1It is a cable with a very noble sound. An intimate world opens in front of us, in which the first plan is close to us and is dense, full of substance. The third thing is art - with the cable tested above average.[...] The KBL Sound Solaris is a very successful, nice cable. The bottom line is that it gives a lot of what other, much more expensive cables do without sacrificing the most essential things for us: music. I encourage you to try it with any systems, I do not see price restrictions for it. Not because it is the best cable in the world, but because it offers a set of features that often can not be achieved by spending more money many times.   High Fidelity


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