Power Cable

Model Z-555P




Exactly like our Fluid power cables, Zodiac series are based on the same design principle and the experience we have gained developing our top models: Red Corona and Himalaya II. To build these new generation cables have been used conductors of mono crystal copper, as with most cables of our current production. This type of conductor obtained through cutting-edge, expensive technology provides a homogeneous environment free from grain and all barriers to the flow of electrons, which in turn translates into smoothness and purity of the signal throughout all the frequency spectrum. By using highest quality materials and design we made high-end cable with almost redundant capabilities in this price segment. Even combined with a very demanding electronics they can give amazing results. Dynamics, openness, the finest nuances hidden in your recordings, true timbre, a huge soundstage - all these Zodiac provides.




  • Conductors: high purity mono crystal copper

  • Gauge 12 AWG

  • Tefon insulation

  • Termination: high quality AC and IEC plugs with gold over copper plating on all conductive parts, nylon body. Rhodium plating as option.

  • US or schuko plugs avaiable on request

  • Standard length available: 1.5m, 2m



Reviews & Awards



Best Product 2016


High Fidelity Best Product2016


It is a highly refined set of cables that needs not improving, no tuning – performance is simply that good and complete. That's what I've already learned to expect from product by KBL Sound.  High Fidelity


pdf logo1Power cable beautifully complements the whole Zodiac loom. Each cable might be used separately and you will benefit from its qualities. But only once you've tried a full loom you should realize the designer's idea behind this line of products. Audio products, including cables, are creations of certain sonic qualities based on designer's goals and on what achieving them actually means for the performance of particular system. Sometimes coincident also plays some role in the whole process. But when it comes to manufacturers who know what they are doing there is no space for coincident, but rather for a final sonic result that lays in accordance to designer's goal.   High Fidelity




pdf logo1Regardless of the device used the cable not only guarantees unlimited dynamics, but also brings a form of law and order to one's music. However the most important quality that this cable brings is that one can rely on its ease and relaxation - the cable connected between the conditioner and the amplifier ensures that the music playback profits in accuracy and authenticity. [...] The Zodiac Model can be included among the group of power cables that have only a subtle influence on the quality of the sound system, while simultaneously enabling the system to reach its full potential.   Hi-Fi Choice


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