Red Corona Series





The new Red Corona series seems to be a high-end proposition not only in appearance. We have also made every effort to improve its sonic aspects compared to its predecessor and make it an even better proposition in the price range in which it ranks.

The conductors used in the Red Corona constructions are made of pure monocrystalline copper of the highest quality standard, obtained in the OCC technology. Air is the dielectric. The Red Corona cables differ from their evolutionary predecessors by several solutions that we have transplanted from our top Himalaya series. This allowed to eliminate almost to zero the harmful mutual influence of magnetic fields in the conductive veins. This is one of the reasons why Red Corona connecting cables are characterized by relatively low capacitance and lack of phase shifts. We also paid a lot of attention to the aspect of damping the vibrations generated during the flow of current. As usual, the highest quality plugs for the ends of the cables were used.


Red-Corona-SPK-ramkaSpeaker Cable


Red-Corona-XLR-ramkaAll Interconnects


Power Cord



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