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"It's unbelievable how much good the Himalaya IC brought to my system. The HiFi set suddenly became a set for Music. Many years of building the system were rewarded with peace and fulfillment after plugging in the missing element. Fantastic cable, congratulations on creating such an outstanding element of the audio path.
Instead of subsidizing housing loans or anything else, the government should subsidize purchases at KBL Sound. I would vote for a party with such a program without hesitation :)
Of course, I will not give away the cable. Thank you for the pass to high-end."


"I finally found some time to check your interconnect [Red Corona XLR]. It was worth it. Oh, definitely! Well, I must say that I haven't been so impressed with the changes introduced by the cable for a long time. First of all, the space has changed. What a three-dimensional, what a atmosphere. The stage moved a bit forward, but for me it was just what I wanted. What's more, this interconnect has something, um, tube-like in it. [...] there is so much of it that you can immerse yourself in it. it reminds me of the character of the sound of one of my favorite tubes - 6S33S, i.e. the so-called devils, where the instruments are usually not drawn with such a sharp line, but they have such mass and charm that it doesn't bother me at all in all other categories. Equal frequency range, natural timbre, very natural - typically "copper". Great dynamics, also in the macro scale. Of course, these are just my private observations, but I am enchanted. I did not expect it, because I was convinced that my main system is already "finished", and certainly in terms of cabling and power supply. From time to time I changed something, and each such change brought as many pluses as minuses. After two days, I was returning to the Cardas and quickly realized that this was for the best. And here you go - a surprise."


"It's very nice to listen to a CD with Himalaya PRO [digital]. You can really hear the truth. This truth is pleasant, it doesn't hurt your ears. Congratulations. I compared the cable with the top Hijiri Million HDG-R10. Himalaya won what to do. Unfortunately, I can't afford speaker cables Himalaya and looking for other cables as a compromise - is not a good idea. Such a set of KBL Himalaya with my ML Ethos can be a top achievement for me. You need to have dreams to make them come true. When it comes to digital - it stays with me for years."


"I'm happy with the wires sent to me [Red Corona SPK] , so they will stay with me for longer. The sound has improved compared to the Harmonix HS-101s I have, especially in the better stage arrangement. Also the Red Corona RCA will stay in my system. While the loudspeaker cables mainly organized the stage, the signal cables caused it to expand in both dimensions (compared to the Harmonix Hs-101)."


"A few words about the top KBL Sound [Himalaya] power cable. I can say with my hand on my heart that it is perfect for every element of the system. Very neutral and balanced, and at the same time detailed. Excellent ratings from reviewers. The better the system, the more audible I use it to connect all elements of my system with the top Accuphase electronics. Before that I used Nordost power cords and two Acrolink Mexcell 9300."


"I have a ZODIAC speaker cable. The combination of the Zodiac with the Tara Labs Air2 produced excellent results: the stage receded, the resolution/clarity excellent, the stereo excellent. I have always had the speakers turned outwards, not inwards, to hear the depth of the stage. The ZODIAC caused the speakers to be positioned In general, it is surprisingly very good. I am very pleased - I have been wandering for many years, there was always a but. I congratulate you on your idea, an audiophile idea, and wish you a lot of success."


"I made an intense, whole day test of these top of the line cables Himalaya. I have to admit that I am impressed. In my ultra-resolving system most of them provided great performance. An interesting fact – while comparing these cables with other high quality ones, the digital Himalaya stood particularly out. It delivered better (more all-round) performance than top Acrolink 7N-AD6100 or second from the top Siltech. It didn't fall behind Audio Note cables either despite the fact that Peter Q's black Pallas or PDA Luminist are damn good cables. Himalaya interconnects also didn't let my own cables (Tara Labs Zero Gold, PAD Luminist) to outperform them."   


" I had been dreaming about the KBL Sound Reference Power Distributor since January, after reading the High Fidelity review. At that time, the strip seemed to me the perfect product for me. It is a top product, made of first-class components, in a well-thought-out manner. Much more advantageous than the top power strips offered by foreign manufacturers. [...] The power strip makes a great impression, it is heavy and perfectly made KBL Sound replaced the GigaWatt PF-1 strip, which I had been using for several years  years. The change in sound that took place after the swap was greater than I could have imagined. All bands improved. Powerful, deep, better differentiated and controlled low end. Dense, smooth midrange with lots of information. Beautiful, open, velvet. The stage is clearly deeper, more diverse, more realistic. However, what is most beautiful is beyond this. Beautiful timbre, organic, natural, calm and a combination of all ranges into one whole. It is something that touches the heart. Which makes it impossible to stop listening despite the indecent hour of the night. The changes I describe are very big, it is important to remember that the KBL Sound strip is many times more expensive than the GigaWatt strip. So it's not about a simple comparison, but about showing that the investment in power supply makes sense. I am very pleased with the change that took place after replacing the slats. Listening to music in such comfortable conditions is a great experience. And this is not the end of my system's capabilities. In the near future, power cables are waiting for replacement, which, I believe, will give as spectacular effects as replacing the power strip."


"I am after my initial evaluation of AC Red Eye Ultimate and Spectrum. The former offers clearly better performance in my system (used with DAC) and to be honest I am delighted with what it can do. I've listened to few different cables recently and this one seems to be the best among them. It's incredibly smooth and natural sounding and these features are combined with a particularly spacial performance too. System with this cable in keeps me listening to the music all the time :). As for now I am 95% convinced that I'd like it to become a part of my reference system. [...] I'd like to add to my previous impressions that I spent more time with full sets of cables (Red Eye, Zodiac, Spectre) and I have to admit that I'm truly impressed. All of them exhibit similar sonic features and as a set they create this remarkable effect in my system. Well… now I need a full set for my system :)."


"KBL’s Red Eye cables is a range of products, which are very difficult to make a decision to return once removed from your system. They work equally well in the company of tube as well as a solid state gear. Their main skill is that they are presenting entire frequency range in the most unforced way I heard and without any coloration."


"Cables melted into the system excellent.[...] We have spotted that the soundstage dimensions grown noticeably as did the sound resolution if compared with previously used power cables. The background became more black as well. Bass became more meaty and better rounded without loosing on speed and control, what made playback more natural. The subjective feeling is that this cables make system sounding more musical and open. The cable alone, without the company’s power bar, focuses a bit more on hi frequencies in my system. Highs are more pronounced, though brighter, slightly more emphasised."


"I have no idea what are manufacturing these cables from, but there is some magic there :) After connecting your Red Eye power cable between my Oyaide power bar (with Oyaide cable to the wall) bass became nice and crisp – what a spectacular difference ! Speaker cables didn’t make significant different on bass, but it is not needed in my system. What they did however, they somehow managed to filter this transistor harsh feeling, making music more... musical. All became more natural, without any loss or compromise ;) The changes are not subtle, they are evident. There is no need for further listening tests, it remains only to listen :)"


"I had a great pleasure to listen to their cables as well. You can ask to borrow them as I did. It is really worth doing to find out. Maybe these are not most universal and as everything are system dependable. But for sure they are neutral and sometimes show deficiencies in the rest of the set up. In other words, they do not mask anything. I think that the most important feature of these cables is openness and naturalness (sounds organically true) and their ability to disappear completely from the signal path."


"Hologram interconnect are not just a very good cables;) I have compared it with Siltech ST18 iQ, Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR and Kondo KSL Vc II. It came as an equally good with the only exception of Kondo. It sounds more smooth and so much relaxed if compared to Siltech. Much, much more spacious than Oyaide. Their sound is very addictive, without the smallest trace of being pushy. Very detailed in a positive way and with excellent stereo imaging, clear and, what is more important, stable plans across and into the scene. The tonal balance is the biggest strength of this cord."


"The Red Eye is an outstanding cable and can be compared with the best rivals on the market, even those more expensive. Overall impression is that the sound has been cleaned from the distortion. The calm down and the culture, black background. Very high resolution of the cable translates into deep spatial presentation with great micro-details. The reverb aura is rich and tonally multitude. As a result after a week of listening I decided that the cable is here to stay with me and I bought it :) Red Eye replaced AudioQuest SKY in my system.

Out of curiosity I also took a loan of the Red Eye power cord and bar [Reference Power Distributor]. Overall impressions were very positive. Power cable represents exactly the same very high level of precision, culture sound with multitude of colours and beautifully rendered micro details. Even if my MIT Oracle AC3 with the Furutech plugs didn’t come from no where it’s clearly not in the same league as KBLs ;)."


"I own Red Eye speaker cables, spades ended version. I've heard some opinions that it sounds better than bananas, but I never compared that. The longer I listen to these cables, the more clear I can see more and more of its benefits. For comparison, I listened to an Audioquest Rocket 44, Nordost Blue Heaven LS and Red Dawn LS, Albedo Air I and Monolith SP. I have to point out that the first impression after listening to this threw me a bit off as I didn’t know what to expected from the cables. This cable is not for each system neither for untutored listener. At this price level it should not be expected that the cable will miraculously straighten out all imperfections of the system.

The first listening impression was that it highlighted the high tones and changed stereophonic image (narrowing the stage) and also started to loose on precision of the location of the sources with the music with high density of... that was far from my expectations. Due to the fact that the cable was as “fresh as the fish “, I decided to give it a time to settle and allowed to play a week continuously. After this time the cable completely disappeared in my system. The longer it played, the better. It now showed all its advantages. Trial of this cable changed my perception of the presented sound dramatically.

This cable is almost perfectly neutral. This is the level of presentation for which I can pay appropriate amount of money. Every time I previously listened to the cable it always changed something in the sound balance. Here I can feel nothing like that. The most impressive feature of this cable is that it removes a kind of the veil from the system like by the magic wand’s touch. Hard to believe what we can hear now. While other cables I tried tended to favour particular aspects of playback, like one was more spacious, another more musical, another better defined bass, different locations of sources, etc. In the case of cable KBL Sound such a magnification was not an issue. It is simply not doing it this way. What it did it tied it all up (without altering the tonal balance of the system). That's what makes me to believe that these cables belong to a different league. Here, for clarity, I must add that the interconnect I have plugged in for daily duty is Niagara Falls – the second from the top in top of the line Audioquest’s cables range."


"I have a pleasure to own Hologram interconnects and Spectre power cord from KBL. I have to confess that when I asked for a loan it was more an intention to fulfil my curiosity than to make a purchase, why not if you having a chance of doing it ;) However things turned upside down – these cables are really fantastic. Hologram sounds in fact very similar to Harmonics 101gp, and that puts a bar really high given competitor’s well established reputation."

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