Isolation Devices





Big Foot Absorbers


Model BF-318A


KBL Sound Big Foot parasite vibration absorbers are the result of long-term comparison of different design and material solutions. They are made of a special alloy enriched phosphor bronze filled with two components, which absorb vibrations very effectively. Their structure and operation distinguishes it from other tuning devices that are on the market. The purpose of most of them is only to separate the device from the ground, usually by minimizing the contact surface. Big Foot absorber works better, the greater its surface affects both the device and the ground. Parasitic vibrations are absorbed by its own weight, turning kinetic energy into heat inside his body, through the use of specially selected components for its design. In this way, not only are eliminated vibrations from the ground and the environment, but also its own which each electronic unit generates. Therefore, the most effective is to use it not as a stand under the unit feets, because it reduces the contact surface and does not eliminate the operation of units own feets, which are often very compromise. The full effect of the absorber is when it directly affects the bottom of the electronic component. Three massive (1 kg each) absorbers provide a stable and lossless operation, and their effects are spectacular even if the unit stands on the already isolated ground, as audiophile table, shelf attached to the wall, and more. It is thanks to the fact that their own vibrations are not excluded by any other vibration isolation systems.
Big Foot absorbers can be used under all devices and loudspeakers, but the largest effect is quite spectacular when used with sound sources (cd, dvd, DAC) or preamplifier. An improvement in sound energy and resolution becomes immediately noticeable.

The colors become more saturated and all instruments are given clearer contours, and are better separated from the background. It seems to be more air around them.

The set contains 3 pieces of identical footers.

They have no load limits.

Dimensions: Diameter 69 mm, Height 37 mm.

Weight: 2 lbs



Cable Stands



While pursuing to develop more advanced systems, we have created cable stands made up of two selected species of wood with a very large, yet varying fiber density and optimal performance in terms of dampening vibration. Dark wood from a lower layer hardens over at least several hundred years of lying in water. The wood of the top layer grows in extreme climatic conditions while producing extremely dense, oily, high-density fiber. These two types of solid materials with excellent anti-vibrant properties, adequately seasoned and connected with each other, thanks to their respectively tuned characteristics allow better distribution of vibration than a single block of homogeneous structure. Our stands are also impregnated with a special oil mixture with antistatic properties. They guarantee smooth and trouble-free cable operation thanks to the mechanical isolation from the ground vibrations, while at the same time distancing cables from static charges accumulating near the floor surface. Thanks to this solution the sound became more smooth, each instrument is more exposed from the background and provides more information about the atmosphere of the room where the recording was completed. All those features add up to the experience of more natural presentation.

Dimensions: W13 x H10 x D5 cm

Weight: 0.8 lb


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