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Generation Mk 3

Listwa01KBL Sound Reference Power Distributor is designed to work with true high-end systems. This is one of the most technologically advanced products of this type, not only on the Polish audio market. It was designed and made with absolutely no compromise and use of the best components and materials available on the planet. Housing of this massive power bar is cut out during long hours of CNC machining from solid block of dur-aluminium. As a result the chamber kept very thick walls - up to 35mm. This provides an excellent shielding, stability and resolistwa-golanance absorption from both, an external and internal zones, which helps maintain smooth transmission of electrons in wires and sockets that are installed inside. Power block is equipped with the best outlets available: Furutech FT-SDS, mounted to the base, high performance gold plated IEC Furutech Fi-06 inlet for connecting the power cable and hook-up wire made of mono cristal OCC copper. Importantly, the out from the AC inlet to all slots is arranged in parallel, not in series. This way, no socket in a series is "stealing" from the previous one as it is the case even in most exclusive power terminals. All components in the KBL Sound Reference listwa03Power Distributor are passive, there are no filters that typically can affect the various sonic aspects, same as conditioners do. This is not power conditioner, but its impact on equipment’s sound is usually more evident than it is in the case of even very expensive conditioners. The sound in comparison to the one that was previously exposed seems to be more alive and present, in short, a more direct and better defined. All aspects are improved.

Power distributor works best with KBL Sound Red Corona power cable or Himalaya II, but it can also work with other high-end power cables.

Our Reference Power Distributor has twice received  the Award of the Year (2014 and 2018) from the magazine High Fidelity and is used as a reference in two magazine's editor systems together with Himalaya power cable.



  • Outputs: 5 or 6 outlets Furutech Schuko FT-SDS (G) 16A/250V.

  • as option: outlets Furutech Schuko FT-SDS NFC incorporating Nano Crystal² Formula - Nano Crystalline, Ceramic and Carbon Powder

  • Input: High Performance Furutech FI-06 (G) IEC inlet α (Alpha) Pure Copper Conductor, gold plated, Nylon and fiberglass housing

  • as option: IEC inlet Furutech Fi-06 NCF incorporating Nano Crystal² Formula - Nano Crystalline, Ceramic and Carbon Powder

  • Highest-grade chassis CNC machined from solid block duraluminium, with massive and thick walls, effectively absorbs internal and external vibrations, also shields against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). The boxes maximum thickness is 35mm

  • Internal wiring: Star-wired conductors using monocrystal OCC copper 10 and 12 AWG for low electrical resistance and better sockets separation. Each FT-SDS socket separately “star-wired” to IEC AC input. Separate conductor sets on each socket.

  • Carved out phosphor bronze feets to further improve vibration control effectFI-06-NCF

  • Rated: 15A/250V, 1850W

  • Net Weight: 5.5 kg (RPD-5), 6 kg (RPD-6)

  • Dimensions (s / g / in): 36.5 x 9.5 x 11 cm (RPD-5), 42 x 9,5 x 11 cm (RPD-6)



RPD Wood base


The dedicated base to the RPD-5 and RPD-6 power distributors. Made of one solid piece of carefully selected wood species with exceptionally high fiber density and the optimal performance in terms of dampening vibration. Impregnated special preparation oil with antistatic properties. This guarantees smooth and trouble-free unit operation thanks to the mechanical insulation from the ground vibration, while at the same time distancing it from static charges accumulating near the floor surface. Thanks to this solution the sound became more smooth, each instrument is more exposed, extracted from the background and provides more information about the atmosphere of the room where the recording was completed. All those features add up to the experience of more natural presentation.

Dimensions: 42,5 x 15,5 x 4,5 cm (RPD-5), 48 x 15,5 x 4,5 cm (RPD-6)



Reviews & Awards



High Fidelity Best Product2018


High Fidelity Best Product2014




KBL Sound power distributor looks like it was made by a company with several years of experience on audio market that just prepared its newest, top model. Fit&finish, packaging and sound – all these features of this Reference Power Distributor are great. That is amazing especially considering that this is in fact one of the first KBL's products. Together with Red Eye power cables it creates a complete power system that should work very well in every high-end system. Reference Power Distributor and Red Eye power cable are now elements of „High Fidelity's” SYSTEM B.   High Fidelity


HF Reference systemRead-more


pdf logo1The system is a remarkable achievement, both in terms of finish and sound quality.

[...] The resolution of the Polish power system is truly unique. A comparison with the Oyaide, a fantastic, internally coherent system with a clear agenda, showed that similar characteristics can be pushed much further. I mostly mean a better definition and differentiation of the system under review. Plugged-in after the KBL, the Oyaide sounded more "rough".

[...] Without much hesitation, I could say straight away that the Polish power cords and power strip are as good as the Japanese system[latest Mexcel 7N-PC9500 version + Acoustic Revive RTP-4eu Ultimate power strip]. Or that I cannot hear any difference between them. I could perhaps even say that in extreme circumstances the Red Eye and the Reference Power Distributor are better than my reference system. That's not the end, though—some of very expensive systems will greet the sonic modifications introduced by the Polish products with a sigh relief, repaying them with extraordinary coherence, vividness and slight forwardness of detail that usually disappears in the background noise.    Positive-feedback


pdf logo1While focusing on the direct character and fidelity possibly the closest to the original, KBL makes it possible to easily capture all kinds of microdetails and ornaments and the intensity of the experience will to a significant extent depend on the class of electronics plugged in it. Each plucking of a string, each passage of a hand on the fretboard is rendered to the audience in a clear manner, but so sophisticated that it is impossible to talk about the slightest offensive element. [...] The KBL Sound Reference Power Distributor appears to be an optimal solution for discerning music lovers and audiophiles. A good value for money, it will certainly not spoil, average out or reduce anything. On the contrary – it will release potential dormant even in a quality, high-end system and will show the best direction of development in a highly eloquent manner. [...] It is really worth it.    Soundrebels


pdf logo1It would be easy to state that both, the Synchro Master Reference power cables and the latest version of the RPD-6 power distributor are world-class components and put a full stop here. I think that if their sonic character, because after all, KBL Sound products are not the only audio products in the world that are completely devoid of it, is to your liking regardless of how good, how expensive your system is, this Polish proposal can do for it as much good as any product of famous brands.

[...] The thing is that while listening to systems using Synchro Master and RPD-6 mk3, I just accepted what I heard as … accurate and natural, thus exactly as it should have been. There was no reason to discuss these (and many other) aspects of the performance as they were just right. I think that this is one of the highest compliments there are and it only brings KBL Sound’s products closer to the hypothetical ideal of audio products – components that allow user to forget they even exist as they disappear from the room leaving him alone with the beauty of music.   Hifi Knights


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