Synchro Master Power Power Cable

okladka-08-17avThe fact is that this cable makes a devilish difference! It opens the scene, increases the palpability, binds the bass with mids, and mids with highs. Creates a sound continuum. The boundary between the frequencies completely blurs. Synchro Master Power introduces incredible smoothness and order, while enhancing sound, significantly increasing resolution, legibility and even dynamics. More, of course, on a micro scale than a macro. The sound comes alive, vigor, blush, color. But it also becomes more delicate, sublimated. These changes are really not small ...   Audio Video



Synchro Master Power Power Cable & Reference Power Distributor Mk3


It would be easy to state that both, the Synchro Master Reference power cables and the latest version of the RPD-6 power distributor are world-class components and put a full stop here. I think that if their sonic character, because after all, KBL Sound products are not the only audio products in the world that are completely devoid of it, is to your liking regardless of how good, how expensive your system is, this Polish proposal can do for it as much good as any product of famous brands.

[...] The thing is that while listening to systems using Synchro Master and RPD-6 mk3, I just accepted what I heard as … accurate and natural, thus exactly as it should have been. There was no reason to discuss these (and many other) aspects of the performance as they were just right. I think that this is one of the highest compliments there are and it only brings KBL Sound’s products closer to the hypothetical ideal of audio products – components that allow user to forget they even exist as they disappear from the room leaving him alone with the beauty of music.   Hifi Knights




Mirror Master Reference Power Cable

HFM-logoImproved stereo and microdynamics are guaranteed benefits - they can be considered as a business card for this cable, regardless of the application. [...]

Mirror is true high end power cord. Recommendation for owners of refined and expensive systems, who are looking for a way to the ultimate sound cut.   Hi-Fi & Music Magazine


Himalaya XLR  interconnect in HiFi Review (Hong Kong)







Zodiac Interconnect

AVZodiac is one of the best, if not the best interconnect I know, at a price up to 1000 USD. In terms of accuracy, dynamics, immediacy and total openess of sound, it is slightly above the known interconnects in a similar price. It's definitely worth trying it out.   Audio Video


Himalaya Interconnect and Power Cable

HFM okladkaIn the reference system Himalaya AC proved to be a hit. Without it would be incomplete, so it has stay. [...] The sound became fulfilled, and gained more than before bass solidity. It retained contours, but gained freedom, so in bass and in space. It became more abundant, more saturated, but not greasy. It became more weighty, while maintaining flawless sculpture.

Himalaya interconnect retains the greatest advantages of the Red Eye Ultimate, which is its depth, excellent timing and liquid transmission. It adds more clarity to the details and a better-educated ability to divide the hair into four. Music becomes slightly smoother and at the same time more resolving. It flows more freely, maintaining the model of rhythmic discipline. In short you can say that we get more good sound.   Hi-Fi & Music


Himalaya PRO Digital Cable


It is detailed and accurate. By including it in a top system, we retain good presentation, rhythmicity and details. There is no chaos or disorder. At the same time, the cable produces smooth and nice sound, focusing our attention on direct sounds, and frees us from the necessity to constantly analyze what we hear.   High Fidelity



Fluid Power Cable


Fluid sounds balanced, organic and analogue, but does not neglect those aspects of the presentation like transparency, space and dynamics. It is characterized by a slight warming sound, which can show itself in many systems - especially those whose sound too much twisted toward the technical correctness and accuracy. Very pleasant to listen.  StereoLife


Red Eye Ultimate series (interconnects, speaker cable, power cable)

hifi choice 5

Those who would like to have: A - excellent cables that can push their systems to the last limits, B - who are not afraid, but rather want to have a great Polish products, should be tested as soon as possible (preferably set) Red Eye Ultimate at home. And after buying forget about the topic of cables possibly forever.   Hi-Fi  Choice 7-8 /2016    



Zodiac Speaker Cable


Zodiac is indeed great, really enjoyable speaker cable. It offers a very high quality of the extremes of the frequency spectrum, especially the tweeter. It also does not lacks dynamism and tonal bloom. In the field of stereo image is almost a champion. The Zodiac is a must for the listening sessions, if you are looking for a speaker cable in a similar or even higher price.   Audio Video



Zodiac Series


Zodiac line offers certain qualities, certain sonic character. What they have to offer is highly sought by experienced audiophiles.   High Fidelity



Himalaya Series

hfknightsIn my opinion KBL Himalaya are remarkable products! I believe that these could go toe-to-toe with best cables made by renown competitors and probably win at least some of such contests proving that one doesn’t have to spend a (big) fortune on cables for ultimate performance, but that a much smaller one could be enough.   HiFi Knights



Red Eye Ultimate Interconnects

hifi PigThese are excellent cables and should certainly be auditioned if you are spending this sort of cash (£1750).   Hifi Pig



Fluid Power Cable

AVI can honestly tell you, that it is a remarkable product […] Since that's the least expensive model in KBL Sound's line up, imagine how the others sound like?! Anyway, you can just go ahead and buy Fluid, I can't image it being a wrong move...   Audio Video

Himalaya Power Cable

High-Fidelity-logoIt's a really well balanced cable offering great performance. We keep it in our reference A system.   High Fidelity



Zodiac interconnects


This is very genuine interconnect for well seasoned aficionados.   StereoLife


hifi choice 5Exceptionally musical and sophisticated. Superb stereophony with impressive depth and size of individual virtual sources. Tonally balanced.   Hi-Fi Choice



Himalaya interconnects and speaker cables


Performance of Polish cables is excellent, refined. It reminded me of the most expensive models of  Siltech—from both Double and Triple Crown lines. [...] These are excellent cables. The simple fact that I had to use a few times more expensive cables as my reference to describe how they work, speaks for itself.    Positive Feedback Issue 81




These are one of the best cables I've ever heard - only Siltech (interconnects and speaker cables) and Tara Labs (speaker cables only) are capable to bring a bit more to the table. Except those, all other, no matter how good they are, have simply no go."   High Fidelity



Zodiac power cable

hifi choice 5The Zodiac Model can be included among the group of power cables that have only a subtle influence on the quality of the sound system, while simultaneously enabling the system to reach its full potential.  Hi-Fi Choice (Full text: Issue 7-8/2015)


Red Eye Ultimate series (IC, Speaker & AC Power Cables)

HFM-logoThe Ultimate Series performance is extremely consistent and organized in the timing domain; with music, the feeling of rythm is more important than frequency. [...] In comparison to world market prices, these speaker cables and interconnects are bargains in relation to performance. Well-known brands at this level of performance often seem to count for more while many of their offers do not reach the quality of The Ultimate.   Hi-Fi & Music 



Fluid AC power cable

stereoikolorowoKBL Sound Fluid is a power cord that has it all.  And the best is that its superior performance ratio comes with equally great market price. I would recommend to anyone to listen to it !   stereo i kolorowo




Reference Power Distributor + Red Eye Power Cable



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