pdf logo1Digital cable Prism SPDiF and AES/EBU

The sound was highly resolving, precise, spatial, and teeming with details and subtleties, and yet I wouldn’t call it analytical or cold (which I don’t like). Instead, it was relaxed, effortless, smooth when needed, and super-dynamic and energetic when recordings demanded it.   Hifi Knights

From now on I will keep KBL Sound cables on my list of highly recommended cables, and it won’t be only analog and power ones anymore. The digital ones seem as good as any other product by this brand I had a chance to review so far.  HifiKnights



pdf logo1Interconnect + speaker cable Himalaya II

The KBL Sound Himalaya II IC + SC set fully deserves our award VICTOR.

With KBL Sound Himalaya II the music is more alive, more realistic, more natural, more present, and incredibly immersive. If that’s what you’re after you need to check this cable out (but remember to give it a chance to convince you in a longer than 10-minute long session) before you reach for 2, 3, or even 4 times more expensive competitors. The speaker cables will add even more of all that the interconnect has to offer so you should try it out in your system too for a further enhanced experience. 

My search for XLR interconnects is over, as it turns out to be too difficult for me to let the KBL Sound Himalaya II interconnect go. It will become a part of my reference rig from now. Hifi Knights


pdf logo1Power cable EXTREMA

ALTHOUGH THE KBL SOUND EXTREMA, at least due to the price, is intended more for even higher-end systems than mine, I could still clearly hear how much it contributed to it (and three of them contributed even more).

[...] When looking for an AC power cable for top components, regardless of their type, you should not miss KBL Sound Extrema in your search. There is a good chance that they will be a hit!  High Fidelity


pdf logo1Fluid v2 series: power cable, speaker cable, interconnect

For music to be music, and not a collection of sounds, you need something more, which Fluid v2 cables seem to have. KBL SOUND FLUID v2 have a very well-balanced and well-ordered sound. Their sound is engaging and just plain cool. They do not distinguish anything specific in their sound, but serve it in a smooth, even manner. It is a cabling system that brings peace to the sound. Peace of mind resulting from coherence, not "calming down" of the sound. The dynamics is really great here.

A very, very nice cabling system at a very attractive price. Works with any music in any system. Provided it's good music and a good system. Hence our RED FINGERPRINT award.  High Fidelity


pdf logo1Power cable Himalaya PRO II, interconnect xlr Himalaya II

The field of activity of KBL top power cable is simply in a league of its own and more than worthy of being explored in a first-class high-end audio system. [...]  With cables, there's often a feeling of being surrounded by the music but not having an interactive part. Himalaya II cables are quite different in this regard. They uniquely combine what often appears to be a juxtaposition of ambiance and interactivity into a seamless whole. For this virtue alone, Himalaya II cables deserve all the praise. They provide particularly vivid vignette, a visceral connection to the music, and an far above-average number of sound facets.

There's no instant artificial sonic spike, no illusory wow factor that wears off after prolonged listening. KBL Sound Himalaya II cables are not falsy extolling the virtues of music, showing that these cables have come a long way. With Himalaya II it's all about the essentials, no erroneous vocations.  

At their level, these cables are both reasonably and highly competitively priced and offer an impressive level of sonic potency and return for their money compared to many higher-priced products.   Mono & stereo


pdf logo1Himalaya II Series Interconnect + Speaker Cable + Power Cable

These cables can mess with your head. Even if you have a truly high-performance system and have experimented with much more expensive cables, you will probably still be surprised by what the KBL Sound flagships will deliver. [...] I'm sure that every high-end audio equipment enthusiast should carry out such an experiment in their own system. If only to see how much can be squeezed out of it, how much of its potential is still locked inside the wires, hidden from our view. And if you think you already know everything, because you tried some of the really expensive Nordost, AudioQuest, Cardas, Acoustic Zen, Acrolink, or Siltech cables, or in fact anything you can think of, I guarantee, that listening to the Himalaya II will not be a waste of time. StereoLife


pdf logo1Himalaya II Interconnect + Speaker Cable

The KBL Sound company is growing and its products are becoming more and more sophisticated. At the same time, considering the sound quality, they are quite attractively priced. I would add to this list of advantages also excellent workmanship, which is on a high, world-class level. The Himalaya II is a very, very good set of high-end cables, intended for well-balanced systems in which you do not have to fight for changes, but to bring out the best in them. 

THE POLISH CABLE OFFERS a dark, even, natural sound. I can say that only about few other interconnects, not only from this price range, but also more expensive ones. And when I say that, I think, "that’s a good thing." The Himalaya II interconnect shows events quite close to us. This means warmth, closeness to the foreground and excellent sound coherence. Because the Himalaya II, an analog RCA cable, sounds incredibly pleasant and engaging. It shows large bodies of instruments, it does not attack us with a hardened impact, but rather softly draws us into the story that comes from the speakers (or headphones).  

The Himalaya II speaker cable sounds dynamic and strong. It is incredibly energetic and focused on keeping the rhythm. [...] by connecting a speaker cable from this series to the system, we get a kind of "acceleration". Everything seems a bit more dynamic with it. Although it does not have the same fullness and dark attack that the interconnect charmed with, it is still not a bright or sharp sound.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1Review of Red Corona cables on channel



pdf logo1Himalaya II Power Cable

The Himalaya II from KBL Sound is a mature, sophisticated power cord designed for expensive and very expensive systems. It will open up their sound up, but without brightening it. 

[...] THE NEW VERSION OF THE HIMALAYA CABLE, Himalaya II, is a much better cable - as far as I remember, of course! - than the first version. It is just a very good cable. It offers an open, fresh sound with fantastic speed, in which we have both details and subtleties, but all that is presented in a smooth and silky way, without harshness or distortion.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1Red Corona Power Cable

The tested cable is undoubtedly musical. [...] In a system tuned in terms of high precision and neutrality, the KBL Sound able brought the element of fluidization of the sound while maintaining an appropriate level of rhythm and bass foundation. As a result, when I listened quietly, I had the impression of a fuller sound, with a wide dynamic range and good bandwidth extension in both directions. [...] From the perspective of fans of relaxing with music and audiophiles striving to make the sound of their system more flexible, it will definitely be the right choice. Audio Video


pdf logo1

Zodiac Balanced Interconnect XLR

The Zodiac is extremely neutral in midrange, but also in the ranges adjacent to it. In my opinion, the timbre of the sound is in no way manipulated or mannered. In terms of tonal balance and color in the midrange, this connector proved to be the best in the group. The Zodiac creates a wonderful stereo panorama. The stage is wide, willingly enveloping and overlapping the sides. However, the most important thing is depth - the best in the group (Tara Labs, Nordost, Cardas, Wireworld, Purist Audio Design). Audio Video


pdf logo1

Red Corona Power Cable

Its main feature turns out to be strong, smooth, well-lit foreground, saturated and warm. The most important is the midrange, there is no doubt about that either. We also have momentum and fullness. [...] The rhythm is kept great, there is tempo, there is swing. There is always something going on here, never boring.

Because it is, in general, a big, dense sound. If someone in the system lacks saturation, afterburning, if you have the impression that the sound is too dry, too "thin", the Polish cable will "lead" it straight for you. By itself, it will not save a badly set system, this is a higher level, here we are not talking about error corrections, but about the selection of components. Despite this, its character will allow us to direct our attention to places where previously it was poor.   High fidelity


pdf logo1Red Corona balanced XLR Interconnect

With this interconnect, any well-recorded acoustic music sounds simply remarkable. [...] Except for the top, so much more expensive, Siltech Triple Crown IC, I do not know any other interconnect (this also applies to Himalaya), that I would rather have for such recordings in my system instead of the Red Corona. And since I listen mostly to such acoustic (but not necessarily live) recordings, this Polish cable is simply my dream IC. It does something extraordinary with the sound of acoustic instruments.

The Red Corona is capable of delivering an abundance of information, details and subtleties, and in addition, it does it in a very clear, but non-aggressive way, without attracting listener’s attention to themselves, which would distract them from listening to the music as a whole. [...]  All this combined with another advantage, the ability to create an impression of instrument’s/performers’ presence in the room, builds exceptional realism of the presentation. When listening to recorded music, it is impossible to completely reconstruct all the impressions, feelings we experience during a live event. The Red Corona, however, gets listeners closer to such an unattainable ideal then most competitors I know.   Hifi Knights


pdf logo1Red Corona RCA Interconnect + Speaker Cable

The interconnect sounds as if it wrapped listeners with the sound, soothing their nerves and calming them down. Red Corona interconnect makes the listening experience extremely enjoyable. It's performance has the right feeling, I have no doubts about it, in no way is it slowed down, but still calm, nice. Thanks to that any music sounds amazingly with it. It's a cable that does not discriminate any recordings, it does not reject inferior ones. The differences between them are clear, but they are not what really matters. Which is interesting because the treble is not rolled off. [...] The music had momentum, and the speaker cable added extensive space into the system, which in this case translated into something that can only be described as a "cool trip". 

If you are looking for qualities that together create a high quality, satisfying listening experience, then Red Corona might be your choice. What these cables offer is: softness, naturalness, calmness, smoothness, momentum, they allow you to truly enjoy the music. These are the cables that connect and do not divide – using the language or current politics - and they do it for real, without pretending. You can listen to any album with them without gnashing your teeth and nervous biting of your nails, and use in any system they will present only its good sides. I like this type of performance, hence the RED Fingerprint award to me seems to be the natural result of this test.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1Fluid High Definition Interconnect RCA

It is a cable with unusual transparency, which I would expect at a price level much higher than 1000$ [...] Fluid HD is an absolutely excellent cable at its price. Impresses with its versatility and lack of any shortcomings.  Audio Video 


pdf logo1

Solaris Power Cable for analog

The changes caused by connecting this cable would not be described as subtle. [...] This cable significantly improved not one, two or even three aspects of the sound. It basically improved everything, in one play. Such a checkmate. If you want to get more music out of the system, more authenticity, I think it's impossible to make a mistake by trying out this highly musical but also dynamic cable. Audio Video


pdf logo1

Solaris Power Cable for digital

It is a cable with a very noble sound. An intimate world opens in front of us, in which the first plan is close to us and is dense, full of substance. The third thing is art - with the cable tested above average.[...] The KBL Sound Solaris is a very successful, nice cable. The bottom line is that it gives a lot of what other, much more expensive cables do without sacrificing the most essential things for us: music. I encourage you to try it with any systems, I do not see price restrictions for it. Not because it is the best cable in the world, but because it offers a set of features that often can not be achieved by spending more money many times.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1Fluid HD Interconnect RCA

I think that many seekers will be delighted with Fluid HD.

[...] To be honest, I do not recall the test of the interconnect, which would have such a significant impact on the stereophony. The Polish signal cable masterfully defines the precision of the location of sound sources, expanding the scene both in depth and in width, sometimes to the size, referred to in reviews, the stadium.

The bass is controlled, and in recordings, in which a special care is placed on emphasizing the depth of the harmonic base, it can also be powerful. Nevertheless, it feels best in the upper sub-range, where you can present more nuances. This character matches the predisposition to expose the rhythm. He introduces an element of optimism to the sound - as if he could not resist displaying the joy of reproducing the sound.

The colors have just room temperature. I could not detect even a slight overload - neither towards warming nor cooling. The mids is characterized by fluidity and harmony.   Hi-Fi & Music


pdf logo1Red Eye Ultimate Phono Cable
The Red Eye Ultimate Phono, as expected, offers a similar sonic character as the RCA interconnect from this series. It delivers a refined, well-arranged, resolving sound based on the solid, rich, well-differentiated bass with excellent timing, and thus pace&rhythm. This richness applies to the whole band, because the midrange is also extremely full, colorful and fluid, and the top end, on one hand is amazingly vibrant, open and full of air, on the other has a rare (natural) weight (richness). It is also an extremely spatial cable but it never adds anything on its own. The soundstage can be very wide and have a unique depth, but only if it was caught this way in the recording. Yet, even if the recording is not particularly spacial, the Red Eye Ultimate Phono is able to build a tangible, convincing, even if not a big stage, with precisely located, three-dimensional virtual sources of natural size. It’s one of those cables that allow user to forget that there is a cable in the system – every aspect of the sound is just accurate, right, exactly as it should be.
Hifi Knights


okladka-08-17avpdf logo1Synchro Master Power Power Cable

The fact is that this cable makes a devilish difference! It opens the scene, increases the palpability, binds the bass with mids, and mids with highs. Creates a sound continuum. The boundary between the frequencies completely blurs. Synchro Master Power introduces incredible smoothness and order, while enhancing sound, significantly increasing resolution, legibility and even dynamics. More, of course, on a micro scale than a macro. The sound comes alive, vigor, blush, color. But it also becomes more delicate, sublimated. These changes are really not small ...   Audio Video


pdf logo1Synchro Master Power Power Cable & Reference Power Distributor Mk3

They are among the best for sure, and in this group they quite likely offer the best price/performance ratio.

[...] It would be easy to state that both, the Synchro Master Reference power cables and the latest version of the RPD-6 power distributor are world-class components and put a full stop here. I think that if their sonic character, because after all, KBL Sound products are not the only audio products in the world that are completely devoid of it, is to your liking regardless of how good, how expensive your system is, this Polish proposal can do for it as much good as any product of famous brands.

[...] The thing is that while listening to systems using Synchro Master and RPD-6 mk3, I just accepted what I heard as … accurate and natural, thus exactly as it should have been. There was no reason to discuss these (and many other) aspects of the performance as they were just right. I think that this is one of the highest compliments there are and it only brings KBL Sound’s products closer to the hypothetical ideal of audio products – components that allow user to forget they even exist as they disappear from the room leaving him alone with the beauty of music.   Hifi Knights


pdf logo1Mirror Master Reference Power Cable

Improved stereo and microdynamics are guaranteed benefits - they can be considered as a business card for this cable, regardless of the application. [...]

Mirror is true high end power cord. Recommendation for owners of refined and expensive systems, who are looking for a way to the ultimate sound cut.   Hi-Fi & Music


Himalaya-coverpdf logo1Himalaya XLR  interconnect

HiFi Review (Hong Kong)





pdf logo1Zodiac Interconnect RCA

Zodiac is one of the best, if not the best interconnect I know, at a price up to 1000 USD. In terms of accuracy, dynamics, immediacy and total openess of sound, it is slightly above the known interconnects in a similar price. It's definitely worth trying it out.   Audio Video


HFM okladkapdf logo1Himalaya Interconnect RCA and Power Cable

In the reference system Himalaya AC proved to be a hit. Without it would be incomplete, so it has stay. [...] The sound became fulfilled, and gained more than before bass solidity. It retained contours, but gained freedom, so in bass and in space. It became more abundant, more saturated, but not greasy. It became more weighty, while maintaining flawless sculpture.

Himalaya interconnect retains the greatest advantages of the Red Eye Ultimate, which is its depth, excellent timing and liquid transmission. It adds more clarity to the details and a better-educated ability to divide the hair into four. Music becomes slightly smoother and at the same time more resolving. It flows more freely, maintaining the model of rhythmic discipline. In short you can say that we get more good sound.   Hi-Fi & Music


pdf logo1Himalaya PRO Digital SPDiF Cable

It is detailed and accurate. By including it in a top system, we retain good presentation, rhythmicity and details. There is no chaos or disorder. At the same time, the cable produces smooth and nice sound, focusing our attention on direct sounds, and frees us from the necessity to constantly analyze what we hear.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1

Fluid Power Cable

Fluid sounds balanced, organic and analogue, but does not neglect those aspects of the presentation like transparency, space and dynamics. It is characterized by a slight warming sound, which can show itself in many systems - especially those whose sound too much twisted toward the technical correctness and accuracy. Very pleasant to listen.  StereoLife


pdf logo1Red Eye Ultimate series (interconnects, speaker cable, power cable)

Those who would like to have: A - excellent cables that can push their systems to the last limits, B - who are not afraid, but rather want to have a great Polish products, should be tested as soon as possible (preferably set) Red Eye Ultimate at home. And after buying forget about the topic of cables possibly forever.   Hi-Fi  Choice


pdf logo1Zodiac Speaker Cable

Zodiac is indeed great, really enjoyable speaker cable. It offers a very high quality of the extremes of the frequency spectrum, especially the tweeter. It also does not lacks dynamism and tonal bloom. In the field of stereo image is almost a champion. The Zodiac is a must for the listening sessions, if you are looking for a speaker cable in a similar or even higher price.   Audio Video


pdf logo1Zodiac Series

Zodiac line offers certain qualities, certain sonic character. What they have to offer is highly sought by experienced audiophiles.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1Himalaya Series

In my opinion KBL Himalaya are remarkable products! I believe that these could go toe-to-toe with best cables made by renown competitors and probably win at least some of such contests proving that one doesn’t have to spend a (big) fortune on cables for ultimate performance, but that a much smaller one could be enough.   HiFi Knights


pdf logo1Red Eye Ultimate Interconnects

These are excellent cables and should certainly be auditioned if you are spending this sort of cash (£1750).   Hifi Pig


pdf logo1Fluid Power Cable

I can honestly tell you, that it is a remarkable product […] Since that's the least expensive model in KBL Sound's line up, imagine how the others sound like?! Anyway, you can just go ahead and buy Fluid, I can't image it being a wrong move...   Audio Video


pdf logo1

Himalaya Power Cable

It's a really well balanced cable offering great performance. We keep it in our reference A system.   High Fidelity


pdf logo1

Zodiac interconnects

This is very genuine interconnect for well seasoned aficionados.   StereoLife


pdf logo1Exceptionally musical and sophisticated. Superb stereophony with impressive depth and size of individual virtual sources. Tonally balanced.   Hi-Fi Choice


pdf logo1Himalaya interconnects and speaker cables

Performance of Polish cables is excellent, refined. It reminded me of the most expensive models of  Siltech—from both Double and Triple Crown lines. [...] These are excellent cables. The simple fact that I had to use a few times more expensive cables as my reference to describe how they work, speaks for itself.    Positive Feedback Issue 81

pdf logo1These are one of the best cables I've ever heard - only Siltech (interconnects and speaker cables) and Tara Labs (speaker cables only) are capable to bring a bit more to the table. Except those, all other, no matter how good they are, have simply no go."   High Fidelity


pdf logo1Zodiac power cable

The Zodiac Model can be included among the group of power cables that have only a subtle influence on the quality of the sound system, while simultaneously enabling the system to reach its full potential.  Hi-Fi Choice


pdf logo1Red Eye Ultimate series (IC, Speaker & AC Power Cables)

The Ultimate Series performance is extremely consistent and organized in the timing domain; with music, the feeling of rythm is more important than frequency. [...] In comparison to world market prices, these speaker cables and interconnects are bargains in relation to performance. Well-known brands at this level of performance often seem to count for more while many of their offers do not reach the quality of The Ultimate.   Hi-Fi & Music 


pdf logo1Fluid AC power cable

KBL Sound Fluid is a power cord that has it all.  And the best is that its superior performance ratio comes with equally great market price. I would recommend to anyone to listen to it !   stereo i kolorowo


pdf logo1

Reference Power Distributor + Red Eye Power Cable



pdf logo1Red Eye Digital Cable

High Fidelity


pdf logo1Red Eye Series: Interconnects and Speaker Cables



pdf logo1Hi-Fi & Music


pdf logo1 Hologram Speaker Cables

Hi-Fi & Music


pdf logo1Audio Show 2012

Report from Warsaw Audio Show 2012 at 6moons





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