Extrema Series



A new series of cables called EXTREMA was launched to celebrate KBL Sound's 10th anniversary and it was designed according to the highest standards and using the best available components. It has been developed to outperform the reference class in cost-no-object systems. The quality of no holds barred constructions and materials is the best in these cables that KBL Sound has ever produced, just to build one of the best cables money can buy.

Extrema are meticulously and consciously refined products for serious audiophiles. These cables make you forget about the equipment and you don't think about their impact on the sound at all. You are completely absorbed by the feeling as if you were interacting with live musicians. Maximum listening pleasure with this exclusive product series "FOREVER"!

Extrema is available as:



Extrema XLR full      Analog









Extrema USB     Digital











 Extrema SPK full    Speaker









 Extrema AC full   Power













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